Sunday, July 09, 2006


In memoriam of who was my brother Edwin ("La Sara") when he was alive.


Living for the sake of living.
You lived the present,
Not caring about tomorrow.
You chose your path and
One day you left us.
You received from elders, brothers and friends, wise advice.
Nevertheless, you refused it.
What a dear price you paid,
For living for the sake of living!

A paradox for those who think that youth is to be lived without any responsibility and in total freedom. For those who believe that life can be wasted in trivial things. That it is not important to prepare themselves for the future, as the elders say; that the family and the principles and values passed on to them only represent an uncouth idea of the past, which neither goes with fashion nor with what the youth does today.

This is a legacy for those who are intelligent and pay no attention to the experiences of others that had to pay a high price for the fact of living one day at a time. For those who want to obtain the maximum yield for their efforts, although aware that life will demand them to pay its own price, and with interest.


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