Sunday, July 09, 2006

Our Contribution to the New Generations:

This poem was dedicated to Dayna Ríos, a little girl with whom we had the pleasure to show our work and share an exhibit that we entitled Quixotes of the Art, the beginning of our adventure to spread Latin American art in Long Island. That was possible thanks to the vision and altruistic support of a businessman, who very kindly lent us the facilities of his store, so that three Quixotes and a Dulcinea could put at the disposal of the Latin American community in Freeport works of art with a story behind. Thank you, Diego Ríos.


Don't stop dreaming, because dreams are the path of life,
They set up the goals for us to follow,
Without them our life is empty,
To dream is to live,
The best of all is that they're yours and nobody can take them away from you,
Dream and dream high, as dreams are your future.

Jguz/ 2005


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